The MARKARIO group is a leading conglomerate with diverse businesses adding considerable value and growth for our investors and delivering cutting edge solutions for our global customers. Headquartered in Dubai, one of world’s leading financial and trading Hubs, our offices in Georgia and India and representative offices and associates across Africa and Europe, Markario broadly specializes in Investments, Diagnostic and medical protective equipment supply, Hydroponics and general trading.

Investments is an elite amalgam of rock-solid financial service entities integrated globally to provide leading edge Financial Portfolio Management. We invest and manage forex trading accounts for Institutional Clients, Investment Companies, and select High Net Worth Individuals. Our main areas of investments are gold, currency, forex and agriculture.

Partnering with brands and manufacturers of International repute, our Healthcare vertical specializes in a full array of diagnostic, protective and healthcare products including but not limited to face masks for various applications, invasive and portable ventilators, PPE kits and gloves, rapid testing kits for epidemics and pandemics, hand sanitizers, IR thermometers and sensors, Natural ethyl alcohol etc. Equipped with a highly skilled technical team, each product and its manufacturing process is deeply vetted before they find a place on our product line. With an in-house global sourcing team, we are able to meet large scale inventory requirements of our private and government customers when it comes to speed of delivery or volume of supply

Marakario’s engineering and general trading division specializes in hydroponics, supply of essential food stuff (both short life and long life including frozen and canned), building products and engineering supplies. Tie ups with our global partners and an effective and efficient supply chain helps us meet the requirements of a wide and diverse clientele spread across the globe


Our mission is to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential in the global market. We aim to be a global organization that constantly stays a step ahead in dealing with change, creates new value, and contributes developments of the society.


Markario has a sound vision to navigate the world with right investments and quality trading to position our ourselves as global leader.

Our Expertise

We pride on the expertise of our highly skilled team members to  enable us to deliver on our values. Our team consists of  scientists, Phd holders, engineers, agronomists, medical experts, investment experts, procurement specialists, logistics, supply chain managers and trading specialists.