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Markario Investments and Fund Managements has a continuous ever expanding base of customers who have come to trust it over the years. Offering services in Portfolio Management and Financial Investments, various financial investment options has left us with extreme expertise in handling the risks involved. We are investing and managing forex trading accounts on behalf of our institutional and individual investors, includes VIP’s, VVIP’s, Private High Net Worth Individuals and other investment companies.

We offer individually managed separate accounts that are fully customized to meet specific client investment objectives. All our investment plans seek to provide institutional or individual investors with several benefits. We are providing total guaranteed investment solution which our valuable clients can go ahead with different withdrawal plans. Please write to our Investment Portfolio Team for any questions about investment fundamentals or if you would like to know more about how we can add your portfolio.

Areas of Investments

Our investment areas which we can assure financial returns with capital guarantee

The foreign exchange market is the world’s largest financial market, accounting for more than 5$ trillion in average traded value each day as of 2017. Many traders are attracted to the forex market because of its high liquidity, around-the-clock trading and the amount of leverage that is afforded to participants.


Currency investments has recently attracted more interest as economic uncertainty has enveloped the globe. Historically, trading currencies was reserved to multi-national corporations and well-financed investors, but this market has been opened to the average investor. The foreign exchange market (FOREX) is where currencies are traded. For multinational companies, this market provides a means of doing business in other countries, facilitating the payment of bills in the local currency. For speculators, this market provides opportunities to take advantage of movements in exchange rates. Following the main reasons which we are investing in FOREX.

Gold has often been considered a safe investment by many traders. One of the reasons why investing in gold is so popular is because there are many ways you can invest in this commodity. You can buy physical gold in one of its most popular forms – gold bullion, gold biscuits or gold bullion coins. In case you just want to speculate about its price, you can consider trading shares of gold mining companies or exchange traded funds (ETFs) etc. But arguably the easiest and most convenient way of trading gold is to participate on the spot gold market, that’s what we are doing by using our pool of expertise in technical and fundamental analysis skills.


We choose gold in order to protect our investors’ portfolios against high inflation rates and market volatility. In addition, most of our investors are very familiar with the financial markets and how to trade currency pairs can consider trading gold as well. We are mostly involved in two types of gold instruments: XAUUSD (gold against the American dollar) and XAUEUR (gold against Euro). In addition, by opening our investors live account, we are providing them an opportunity for own trading by using our experts training, advises and trade tips, not limited to gold investors are able to trade a wide range of instruments (currency pairs, precious metals, oil, CFDs on shares, etc.) from a single trading account.

Post viable option which has been Vertical Farming (VF), which cultivates food crops on vertically stacked levels in (high-rise) buildings. The Vertical Farm, so it is said, would allow for more food production in a smaller area. Additionally, a Vertical Farm could be situated in any place (e.g. desert regions, cities), which would make it possible to reduce the amount of transportation needed to deliver the crops to the supermarkets.


The UAE relies on imports for up to 85 percent of its food requirements at a cost of US$2.9 billion per annum Investment is being ploughed into the industry under the government’s long-term agricultural policy, which has a strong focus on sustainability in an arid environment where the annual rainfall is just 120 mm and desalinated seawater keeps many UAE farms viable. With under just 7% available arable land and the challenge of a farming season that has a window of little more than six months, innovation and new technologies are underpinning future sector opportunity. Modern Agriculture Farming represent the triumvirate of future industry potential and an answer to the average 12% per year rise in food consumption in the UAE. ‘Give me agriculture and I will give you civilization’ UAE gives much importance to the agricultural sector despite the country’s land and water constraints and thereby pursuing the policy of the UAE’s “visionary” leader, the late Sheikh Zayed, who declared “Give me agriculture and I will give you civilization”. We are keen to motivate national projects and companies to invest and innovate to promote the sustainable economic and social development in the country as part of the ‘Green Economy for Sustainable Development’ initiative” Dr Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, UAE Minister of Climate Change & Environment.